Sonic LED Electric Toothbrush White

Sonic LED Electric Toothbrush White

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Here are some of the amazing benefits of our BRAND NEW Sonic LED toothbrush!! 🦷✨✨✨

🦷Removes up to 3 X more plaque than a regular toothbrush!! 👏🏼🤩

🦷 They have 4 brushing modes:

1.) Clean mode: base setting on the toothbrush.

2.) White mode: the toothbrush works a bit harder to remove surface stains caused by things like coffee and tea.

3.) Polish: Improves the floss of the tooth’s surface. The vibration intensity changes rapidly within .1 seconds to simulate the polishing effect.

4.) Gum Care: If you have sensitive teeth or gums use this mode at first. At this mode the toothbrush vibrates at a lower intensity.

🦷 The toothbrush has a 2 minute built in timer

🦷 Comes with TWO brush heads so you can share!! 

1. Always unplug after fully charged.
2. DO NOT place or store where toothbrush, charging base, or cord can fall or be pulled into the tub, toilet or sink.
3. DO NOT keep charger plugged in or near water.
4. DO NOT get charging base or cord wet. Could cause fire.